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Shoreline Ride On Confederation Trail

Ride the famous Confederation Trail along the shoreline of beautiful St Peter’s Bay. The trail takes you along the water and through the woods to diverse colourful scenes of blue waves, mussel beds, sand dunes, heron feathers and Iris Blooms. This is light riding that allows you to safely enjoy the true beauty of PEI at your own pace. Skip along over the three bridges into Morell (11K) or detour down to Red Head Harbour to explore the island fishing scene. Information and Public Washrooms can be found at the Welcome Center along the trail in Morell. For the more ambitious, continue down the trail through the blueberry fields to the Hillsboro River and into Mt Stewart. (Another 11K). A side trip to Lakeside Beach is also very nice and very doable.

Light leisurely safe riding along the Confederation Trail.

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Shoreline Ride – Confederation Trail
Activity Tip: Holy Cow the food is good at the “Holy Cow Restaurant” and The Seafood Shack on Route 2 in Morell.

Adventure Alert: There are a few families of eagles’ nested along this trail so looking up is advised.

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