About Relaxed Riding:

A Relaxed Ride on one or both of our nearby trails is considered a light exercise that gives your heart, lungs, and blood a slight workout. Casual riding wakes up your leg muscles giving you an active feeling while burning calories. We strive to provide everything to give you a great Relaxed Ride, while you experience the most beautiful parts of Prince Edward Island.

The Trails:

The trails are the perfect for Novus riders who haven’t ridden in a while or experienced riders to get your daily ride in while on vacation. Most trails are hard packed for easy rolling and road travel is limited and we have new path that runs parallel to the Greenwich Road to the National Park. Colorful scenes of lush farmlands, green forests, blue waves, mussel beds, sand dunes and the beautiful Gulf of St. Lawrence that flow into St. Peter’s Bay. Park benches, picnic tables, and shelters with interpretive signs are available to give you a restful break, so you can enjoy the scenic vistas. Distances run from 10—15 kilometers one way, but since the ride does not loop, you can ride as little or as far as you want before returning.

The Bikes:

The bikes we have for rent are hybrid style comfort bikes of lightweight design, which are balanced for both trail or road riding. These bikes suit both casual or experienced riders who are generally looking for comfort and fun. The higher handlebar set up, along with lower adjustable seat posts under padded saddles are  designed to keep your back vertical, sitting straight up, giving you a clear view of the trail as well as the beautiful scenery. Most bikes feature wide tires for a smooth rolling ride and are geared for you to easily find your riding comfort zone.


Casual outdoor clothing that suits the temperature and weather of the day you are riding. Socks and runners are recommended for cycling. Sun block and bug repellent also make riding comfortable.


We are confident you will enjoy our “Relaxed Riding” strategy as you ride the most beautiful sections of Prince Edward Island.

All souvenir T-Shirts are only $15.00 when you rent a bike at Confederation Trail Bike Rental Adventures.